Gabbar made video with son on Tiktok, people threatened to delete Chinese app

Lockdown 4.0 is running in the country. Due to this, sports activities are at a standstill. However, the Indian cricket team opener Shikhar Dhawan is not leaving any chance to make the fans laugh with their fun. This left-handed batsman, popularly known as Gabbar, may not be hitting fours and sixes on the field, but is definitely rocking the social media. They often post their videos on social media. In this, sometimes he is seen having fun with wife or sometimes son Zorawar. Fans are also praising his video a lot. However, due to these videos, he is also facing criticisms.

Shikhar Dhawan posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday evening. This video was made on the Ticktok app. In this, he is seen doing bhangra with his son. In the video, Dhawan starts dancing to slow motion music. Suddenly the entry of Joravar occurs. The music also changes with Joravar's entry. Jorawar withdraws from the frame after a few moments. Then the slow music starts playing again and Dhawan continues to dance. In the video, as soon as Joravar enters for the third time, both father and son start bhangra together.

More than 8 lakh people have liked this video of Dhawan so far, while more than three thousand people have commented. Brian Lara has also commented on his video. Some people are appreciating this video of him. At the same time, some people are advising not to make videos on Tiktok. Some people are also threatening to delete the Ticketock account.

jamaican_monster wrote, 'brother by deleting Tiktok (Tiktok).' patel_harsh_84kp commented, 'Was Sir Tiktok supposed to be removed.' mr.sameer__07 expressed anger at Dhawan's making of Tiktok video, deepa_k2165 responded, 'This too soon. Only you will stop using this cheap app. Don't take tension sir. 'Gabru_deep wrote,' Sharam not coming tiktok has made Shikhar Dhawan. 'Ft.hardik144 wrote,' Please do not make a video on Tiktok. ' , 'Brother Tittock delete And two. 'Er_adesh_pawar wrote,' Gabbar brother will delete Tiktok? '

Posting the video, Dhawan wrote in the caption, 'The real pair of dance, like father, like son.' Let us know that even when Dhawan is fielding on the field, he would entertain the fans with lots of fun. Huh. His wrestler style is very popular when he catches during fielding.

People are asking Dhawan to delete Tiktok because it is a Chinese app. At the same time, the onset of the spread of coronavirus is also believed to be from China. People believe that China is behind the epidemic that the whole world is facing today. If he had given the information at the right time, the world would probably have survived facing such a big disaster.

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