Former pornstar Mia Khalifa did flirt – basketball player said Young Hoon Stupid no

You must have heard many stories of the relationship between the player and the celebrities. Both belong to different regions but appreciate and like each other fiercely. Mia Khalifa, who has left the world of adult films, often remains in the headlines for some reason or the other. This time behind her discussion on social media is NBA player Juju Smith, with whom Mia Khalifa tweeted that she later hit the target of the users herself. Even this young player trolled him.

Actually, Mia Khalifa wrote on social media that from today on you are my star. Mia tagged Juju and wrote, “Follow me on my new favorite twitter.” Along with this he also created a crying emoji. However, the answer given by Juju is not even thought by Mia Khalif. Juju tagged Mia and wrote that oh no. I'm not gonna fall for this. I'm young but not stupid.

After this, users trolled Mia Khalifa on social media. Many people wrote that Mia, who exposed celebrities, became embarrassed herself today. A few days ago Mia Khalifa came into the limelight when she made a statement about the world of her adult films.

He said that he did not think he was being used. He said that I have not made much money from porn movies. After leaving the adult industry, she works as an anchor. She is a tremendous fan of NBA and often keeps tweeting about it.

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