For the first time in 24 hours, more than 6 lakh tests of Corona were done, the test will reach 10 lakh next month.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Tracker India News Live Updates: Coronavirus cases in India continue to grow. The total number of coronavirus infections in the country has crossed 1.6 million. Meanwhile, the government has also continued to expand the scope of testing. Between Thursday and Friday, more than 6 lakh tests were conducted in the country for the first time. Now the Ministry of Health says that it will take the number of daily tests in the country to 10 lakhs within the next one or two months.

Significantly, this is the second consecutive day when more than 50 thousand cases have been reported in the country. In the last 24 hours, records of Corona have been found in six states of the country. These include Assam, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. From these six states, 34 thousand 478 new cases of corona have been detected in one day.

So far, about 36 thousand people have died in the country due to Corona. The number of active cases is more than 5 lakh 43 thousand. It is a matter of relief that more than 10 lakh 57 thousand patients have been cured. On Thursday, July 30, more than 10,000 patients arrived in Andhra Pradesh alone. At the same time, in Uttar Pradesh also the number of corona infected reached beyond 80 thousand. Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, recorded 1192 new cases. There now the total number of corona infected has increased to 98 thousand 767.

Coronavirus in India Live Updates

In Uttar Pradesh, the total number of corona infected has increased to 81 thousand 39. On July 30, 3765 new cases were reported, while 996 people were cured. So far 1587 people have lost their lives in the state due to Corona. In the last 24 hours, Corona killed 57 people in UP. So far, 46 thousand 803 people have been cured in the state, while the number of active cases is 32649.

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