Filmmaker Anubhav Sinha On Congress said – who does not know anything, is also advising Congress Party People Reacted and Said Somebody learn from you, lick …

Congress, Anubhav Sinha: Film maker Anubhav Sinha posted a tweet in which he posted against those who spoke against the Congress party. Anubhav wrote in his post- “Looking at them, it seems as if you know how to run the Congress party in a good way. Most of them have no experience of running anything better. '

Seeing this tweet of Anubhav Sinha, many users were seen flare up. In such a situation, one said – it looks as if your heart is hurt by seeing the condition of the Congress in Rajasthan at this time. Then someone said – “Sir Rahul Gandhi, lose a child in a debate in school. Perhaps the people are right that they will run better than the Congress. ”One user said,“ Brother, why are you raising questions? ”

One user wrote – 'Some people feel that they know better than Congress members how to lick the soles of Congressmen'. So someone said – “You know better this work.” A user would say – “Those people can run the Congress who have failed in their work also.”

Let me tell you, earlier a post came out of the official Insta account of Congress which read – 'Congress party and countrymen are fighting the war to end Corona and BJP is fighting to end democracy'.

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