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Narendranath tripathi
In the midst of the danger of a corona epidemic, the man's life, along with his identities and sensitivities, poses a big challenge. We can feel this challenge most at the level of the language, which has been practiced these days as a new practice of information and expression. While many indigenous words have come into practice as a substitute for English words in this practice, there have also been many linguistic uses in which sensory inattentiveness appears. Occasional discussion on new use-contexts of words and language in a critical phase.

Purnbandi implemented to combat the Corona crisis has been a period of change for the whole world. During this time, not only human behavior but also the appearance of nature has seen amazing changes. Talking about India alone, it will be very interesting to see how India has achieved in the midst of these changes and what has been contributed by the languages ​​and especially Hindi.

It is not true that we did not miss in facing the Corona epidemic. But the lapses that have received the least attention are linguistic. In fact, when Purnabandi was announced, till the first phase most people did not understand what a problem it was. When Purnbandi came into force in the country, we were unaware of the whole process and named it an emergency and the word went out – lockout. It was not even a very bad experiment. Because it was a meaningful word to inform everything that happened during the period from homeland to trade.

For this reason, the word that was publicized among the general public was 'pandemic'. People had to struggle to understand it like a common English word. When full information about its symptoms, prevention and treatment came to light, people said that this is an epidemic, an epidemic of contagion and by then it had spread in a terrible way. Most of the words used for its infection, outbreak and prevention measures were words beyond our culture.

Inflow of english words
Words like Lockdown, Social Distancing, Quarantine, Isolation, Containment Zone and Immunity also came to us from this disease in a terrible form. We did not notice at all that a large population of the country is either unable to understand these English words or they have no prior experience of accepting their intent. Whether it was the non-Hindi speaking southern states or the Hindi regions of North India, these words of English came like a terror everywhere. By the time the general public could get a solid understanding about them, it was too late and people started migrating from the cities to the villages as a last resort of rescue.

We have all seen the pitiful suffering and helplessness of the people running from hunger and thirst. These words proved more deadly than this epidemic on these less educated people. In the cities too, educated people did not remain untouched by this fear. People started to understand the Quarantine Center as Detention Center. These words caused such fear in him that even news of suicide started coming.

However, it is now known that Indian society has faced such disasters successfully in the past. I wish we could have been able to give information about this disaster in our language in the beginning, then perhaps many of those who had learned could have been saved. Now a lot of information has been gathered regarding the epidemic. Today from medicine to treatment methods and prevention kits are all our own.

Awesome of desi words
There was no vaccine or authentic medicine of Kovid-19 until the second-third round of Purnabandhi. But in the direction of its treatment, some measures suggested by the Ministry of AYUSH did the work of Sanjeevani. These were the tips which have been used in Indian society for centuries to increase the inner strength and immunity of the body.

AYUSH BREW, promoted as a prescription by the Ministry of AYUSH, became popular worldwide as a life-giving medicine. Decoction is a term used in Indian medicine, which has been known in Indian society for centuries. Through the use of Ayurvedic herbs, we tried the variety of decoction and they all proved amazingly effective.

When the use of words like quarantine for 'quarantine', isolation for 'isolation', 'inner strength or immunity for immunity' increased through various means, people also get the right information about the disease and its treatment methods. Started. During this period, the Prime Minister's address to the nation and the words used in 'Mann Ki Baat' programs also showed great impact. Desi words worked as medicine. People got amazing power to face the challenge with native words, which are seeing positive results today.

Language power
The entire experience of 'lockdown' to 'unlock' in India is an empirical story of the use of language. During this time, the most important contribution in providing information about this epidemic has been in the local languages ​​and especially the official language Hindi. It was also proved, among other things, that we can successfully face such disasters by using indigenous languages ​​in the Coronary period. Since, during this time, major decisions are taken by the central government, in such a situation, it was a big challenge before the official language Hindi of the central government that it was able to properly understand the entire information related to this epidemic to the people of the whole country. Yes or No.

Hindi accepted this challenge. Hindi language experts and users worked hard, studied the words from the tradition to the words defined in the books, used them in public and today all these efforts are getting amazing results. With the power of words, we are successful to a great extent in not allowing Corona to become a sensitive tragedy.

The power to express one's thoughts is the greatest power of man. Man expresses thoughts through words. The word has immense power. With the correct use of words, balance can be created in the whole creation. We must preserve and develop them in any case. It will be difficult to make the country self-sufficient by the culture of mercenary and the technology of lending. We gained independence on the strength of our language. The word is also a precious asset with vibrant identity.

Our innovative use of understanding the Korono epidemic on the strength of indigenous words has inspired us that not only the indigenous research industry but also by using our native language words, we can achieve great success by giving the right information at the right time to our public .

Victory of the official language
The Corona period has had an impact on both the sense and meaning level. At the level of sensation, we cannot dare to explain by holding anyone's hand, whereas on the level of meaning, the English words proved weak in explaining to the people in the country. The English words created a scary and opportunistic atmosphere in the society. This made it difficult for people to get a sense of the magnitude of the situation. He was relieved when the use of indigenous words especially Hindi was increased instead of foreigner for foreign disaster. The contribution of media especially print media in this work was highly appreciated.

TV also contributed appreciably in this direction. The overnight change in our language during the Corona period is the result of the hard work of all linguists who have tried to take the matter to the public side by side with other Corona warriors, and the language is once again a powerful medium of expression. Made him a social utility.

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