Father was riding a 1200 km bicycle, can get a chance to play for the country

Amid lockdown due to coronavirus, 15-year-old Jyoti Kumari, who arrived on a bicycle from Gurgaon to Darbhanga in Bihar, may get a chance to play for the country. In fact, the Cycling Federation of India (CFI) has talked about giving him a chance to come to Delhi and give him a trial. Onkar Singh, president of the Cycling Federation of India, said on Thursday that if Jyoti passes the trial, she will be selected as a trainee at the state-of-the-art National Cycling Academy at IGI Stadium campus in Delhi.

Jyoti took father Mohan Paswan on a bicycle and covered a distance of about 1200 km from Gurgaon to Darbhanga for 8 days. Jyoti cycled 100 to 150 km daily during this period. The story of 15-year-old Jyoti Kumari went viral on social media last week after it was revealed that she had cycled 1200 km from Gurgaon to Bihar with her ailing father.

Singh said, 'We have spoken to the girl this morning. We told him that as soon as the lockdown was lifted, he would be called to Delhi next month. The Federation will bear all the expenses for his travel, stay and other expenses. ”He said,“ If he needs to go with someone from home, we are ready for that too. We will interact with our Bihar unit and see how it can be brought to Delhi for trial. '

When asked about the rationale behind giving Jyoti a trial, Singh said, 'I think cycling over 1200 km is not an easy task. He should have strength and physical stamina. We want to test it. If she meets our standards, we will help her fully. We will keep him at the academy. Will train on computerized bicycle. The CFI always tries to refine talent. '

At the same time, Jyoti, who is spending time at home by quarantine, told that if she gets a chance, she will definitely give a trial. Jyoti said, 'I got a call from the cycling federation. He told about the trial. Right now I am very tired, but if I get a chance after the lockdown, I would definitely like to participate in the trial. If I succeed, I also want to represent India in cycling. 'Jyoti is the second of three sisters and two brothers. She has left her studies. However, if she gets a chance, she wants to study again

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