Dr. Mrinalini Darswal – Indian face in Harvard's research on Corona

The US-based world-renowned institute Harvard University has started research on corona infection. Under this research, an attempt will be made to find out what measures can be taken to prevent future epidemic like corona. For this, teams of researchers have been formed from all over the world.

Dr. Mrinalini Darswal from India is a member of this team. Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Dr. Mrinalini Darswal is an MBBS degree holder. These days he is studying at the Harvard University School of Public Health at Harvard University. He has been selected from there. She will be part of a team of 12 experts from across the world who have been selected for this prestigious Harvard research work.

Researchers around the world have been selected based on their past work by the US-based Harvard University's research team on measures to prevent the global crisis of the corona virus and future recurrence of such epidemics. Dr. Mrinalini Darswal, selected from India, is a 2002 batch officer of Odisha cadre. Some time ago he was enrolled in TH Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University. His research paper on the global strategy to deal with the Corona crisis has been published recently while studying there.

According to Dr. Darswal, every year seven to 12 experts are selected by Harvard University for research work on public health. In view of his study on the Corona crisis, he has been selected for research on the global strategy to cope with future epidemics like Corona. He informed that this research related to a doctorate degree in public health will have to be completed in a period of three years.

According to Dr. Darswal, what will be the main topic of his research – it will be told before the start of research work. Dr. Darswal moved to administrative service after completing his Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS). She has been the Special Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Government of Delhi and the Drug Controller of Delhi.

She is currently researching the impact of epidemics at Harvard University on study leave and how to deal with them. His research paper on the Corona Crisis published in the last week of March warned India that Indian citizens had a big responsibility in dealing with the epidemic. He warned that if corona infection enters the third phase in India, it could have very serious consequences.

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