Discrimination!: Corona will not cause cricket, the Premier League gets the green signal

A little joy for sports fans in England is a bit of sorrowful news. The English Premier League, which stalled for three months due to coronavirus, will be played from June 17. That too when 12 of its members have been found to be corona positive. At the same time, the England and Wales Cricket Board has disappointed the fans. The ECB has shut down domestic cricket in England until 1 August due to a coronavirus epidemic. This is the fourth time the ECB has decided to discontinue domestic cricket.

Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters said, “We have agreed to restart the Premier League from 17 June”. But this date cannot be confirmed until all our security requirements are met. Our priority is the health of all participants and supporters. According to the league, all 92 matches of the tournament will be broadcast on existing broadcast partners Sky Sports, BT Sport, BBC Sport and Amazon Prime in the UK. According to media reports, all 20 clubs in the Premier League voted unanimously in the matter.

No matches have been played in the EPL since March 9 due to the outbreak of the Kovid-19 epidemic. The last match of the EPL was between Leicester and Aston Villa. In that match, Leicester won 4–0 over Aston Villa. According to reports, the first two matches of the league, which will resume from June 17, will be played between Aston Villa and Sheffield United and Manchester City and Arsenal.

It is also here that Corona has 2,752 Tests so far in the English Premier League (EPL). It has found 12 players or members positive. A statement issued by the English Football League (EFL) said that players or club employees who were found positive will now quarantine themselves for 7 days as per its guidelines. Only players or members of the negative will be allowed to use the training facilities.

Although football is starting in England, the ECB has postponed the start of the professional domestic cricket season till August 1. The ECB said, the board confirms that the professional domestic cricket season has been postponed for a month. There will be no domestic cricket before August 1. However, the ECB can restore international cricket to a biologically safe state. The England team is to play a series against the West Indies in July.

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