Dhing express made red dot on hand, know why many more actress took this challenge

Red Dot Challenge campaign is going on fast on social media these days. Many stars and social activists are participating in this UNICEF campaign. These people are posting their photos on social media by making red dot on their hands. In this campaign, after actresses like Dia Mirza, Aditi Rao Hydari, Diana Penty, now Dhing Express (Hima Das) has also been added. Hima posted a red dot photo in her hand on Instagram on Thursday. Let us know that Hruta Das, the sprinter runner, recently said that his dream is to win the gold medal for India in the Olympics. Sachin Tendulkar is Hima's role model.

Actually, this campaign has been started by UNICEF to remove the problem faced by women during the period and to create awareness among the people. On May 28, 'International Menstrual Hygiene Day' is being celebrated worldwide. In the same episode, UNICEF has started this Red Dot Challenge. This challenge means hatred for periods, shame associated with it, and breaking the ban of not talking about it.

Even today in society, people feel hesitant to talk on such an important issue related to the life cycle of women. Even today women are not able to openly share their menstrual problems and problems. This results in his poor health. The objective of starting this challenge is to speak openly on this issue. People should be told to use pads that are bio-gradable during periods.

Hima Das wrote in the caption of her post, Periods have a normal biological (biological) process, but there is still a culture of silence and stigma regarding it. Join me in taking the #RedDotChallenge of #Unicefindia to break the silence about myths and dispel myths, because this is the key issue.

Earlier, Dia Mirza, while sharing her photo, wrote, “It is also necessary to use such products which are not harmful to the environment, to eliminate the shame associated with periods”. I use biodegradable pads. Many people have started using the Mental Cup. It is also important that such products are accessible to the people.

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