Corona Virus Dangerous to Death During Return of Troubled Migrant Workers amid Covid Crisis – Chaupal: Off the Screen

There is a lot of news coming from all over the country that due to lack of treatment for other serious diseases other than corona, people are dying unnecessarily. Somewhere on the way to the hospital with serious patient, due to unnecessary stoppage by the police citing the rules of completeness, the patients are dying on the way, while elsewhere, people died due to refusal by doctors and hospitals to treat them. Is happening

Even if treatment is started in private hospitals, then the relatives of the patients are made to make a no-nonsense bill that their waist is broken. Treatment in private hospitals was already very expensive, there was already a lot of exploitation, but now all the limits of exploitation are being crossed. Is there any news to the Government of India, the State Government and the district administrations across the country?

Such bad news comes, but these issues are not discussed on TV. Is it not that more people are dying every day due to corona epidemic than in the absence of treatment for other diseases? Even daily untimely death figures are not seen transparently and consolidated on any government website. Why not a punitive law against the negligence of policemen, doctors and hospitals during this epidemic?
'Rupesh Gupta, Ghaziabad

Epidemic feet
Kovid-19 was mainly related to cities, but migrant laborers migrated to rural areas, with the administration's failure to spread the epidemic in rural areas as well. If the administration had managed properly from the district level to the gram panchayat level, then the epidemic could have been prevented from spreading in rural areas. Due to the very pathetic condition of health services in rural areas, there is a fear of a huge tragedy due to this epidemic in these areas.
Shailesh Kumar, BHU, Varanasi

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