China withdraws 2 km from three points, including Gorga post, but has kept a watch on Pangong, still large number of Chinese soldiers deployed on finger 4

The Chinese and Indian Army retreated 2 km from the Gogra Post patrolling point 17A on Thursday. On the other hand, PP 14 in the Galvan Valley and PP 15 in the Hot Springs sector are two other sectors along the Line of Actual Control on which the displacement has been completed. With this, the way has been cleared for another round of talks. Especially on Pangong Tso where Finger 4 is still stationed in large numbers on the northern bank of the lake. They have moved Finger 8 to 8 kilometers to the west. Which according to India is LAC.

In Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said “after reaching a consensus in commander-level talks, Chinese and Indian forces are taking 'effective measures' for disintegration in the Galvan Valley and other areas in the western region Huh. The overall situation on the border with India is stable and controllable. In addition, both countries have a wide range of communication channels to resolve issues through dialogue and consultation.

He said “both sides will continue dialogue and communication through military and diplomatic channels, in which a new round of commander-level talks will be held.” In addition, there will be a meeting of the working mechanism for consultation and coordination on Indo-China border matters. We hope that India will work with China towards the same goal so that both sides can agree on concrete actions and jointly reduce tension in the border area.

On the dissolution in PP 17, the sources said, “Like PP 14 and PP 15, it too is completely empty now.” A senior security establishment official said that the troops had retreated after noon and verification was done at 2.30 pm. Both country's forces have retreated about 2 km from PP 17A. As agreed, there will be no patrolling until further orders.

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