CAG investigation: scam of thirty thousand crores during the tenure of former governments in UP

During the ten years tenure of the former governments in Uttar Pradesh, the scam of Rs. 30 thousand crores is being disclosed on the basis of examination of the financial account of Noida. The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) sent a report of about 400 pages of financial accounts to the Uttar Pradesh government. While experts believe that this scam is much more than this amount. The authority has lost thousands of crores of rupees by reducing the lease rent alone to one per cent and allocating the builder plot by paying only 10 per cent of the cost.

Due to this rule, during the boom in the property market, the builders allotted one plot after the other and lost the profits in the name of booking. It is believed that the officials who have carried out the scams will be interrogated soon and the arrest of Coffee may also take place. Most of the cases related to change in rules and irregularities occurred in the group housing (builder) allocation made during 2007-17. At the same time, by giving the builders an open opportunity, the government changed its policy and deposited the plots by depositing only ten percent of the total plot cost.

In that era, complaints were also made about mass allocation at a price lower than the ongoing market price. In addition, the floor area ratio (FAR) was increased and sold to benefit the builders. In particular, the plots of areas other than the three sectors allotted to the Unitech builder are in the line of objection. Apart from Unitech, plots allotted to about one and a half dozen other builder companies have also been objected to in the audit. The aggrieved flat buyer states that if the cost of a plot was Rs 100 crore due to the policy of allotting a group housing plot at 10 per cent, then the four people together made ten per cent of 100 crores, depositing only 10 crores once in the authority. Got the name allotted.

After the allotment, people showed lucrative dreams and made huge profits in the name of booking. Apart from group housing, there have been reports of irregularities in commercial, land allocation, developmental schemes including FAR. Signing officers can be questioned in the allotment of commercial plot with irregularity. However, the response of all objections to developmental projects has been given by the engineering department.

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