Bypass/Skip Adf.Ly,Linkshrink ,Adfly And Other Short Url

How to Bypass/Skip,Linkshrink ,adfly and other short url


Linkshrink and adfly Bypass trick –Linkshrink and adfly are the URL shorteners that pay to blogger when the user browses your shortened links.These methods are commonly use by many software sites. They protect the outgoing link with Link shrink and adfly. Whenever the visitor clicks on these links they see ads for about 5 seconds and then have to click on the Skip Ad Button. After click on Skip Ad Button, you can visit an outgoing link. Sometimes when You Click On Skip Ad a popup generate and It redirects to some other Pages. If you are using mobile phone you can’t even see the skip ad button and you redirect to download unwanted software. If you want to bypass Linkshrink and adfly, then you have reached the right place. There are many site, Adfoc and Linkbucks like Linkshrink and adfly.


Linkshrink and adfly Bypass Trick To Skip Ads Page :

Here answer to your question How to Bypass Adfocus, LinkBucks, Linkshrink, and adfly? There are many methods for Bypass Linkshrink and adfly. So, follow one of Linkshrink and adfly Bypass Trick.

Using Online Tools Or Using Websites :

  • We can easily bypass adfly,linkbucks and adfly links with online website or tool. You have Just copied your Ad network link and Paste in link bypass site. After some time you will see that you a direct link behind the shortener and you can access it.
  • First You have to Visit Link Bypass shorturl. you will find a box, where you can paste your or linkbucks, or any other Ad Network Link.
  • After 4-5 seconds you will find the original link of that had shortened the link. Which means you can bypass Linkshrink,adfly, or linkbucks easily via copying and paste in that box. This method also takes 5 seconds but protect from redirect to fake site.

How To Bypass Linkshrink and adfly In Google Chrome :

There are many 3rd party scripts or extensions are the help to Bypass Linkshrink and adfly link. So In order to bypass the shorted Links, you need to install a extension.Follow the simple step to bypass short link in chrome.

  • First, install Tamper Monkey extension in google chrome.
  • After adding Tamper Monkey in chrome, click on MIRROR LINK and install adfights script.
  • Tamper Monkey will show Two dialogue box, click ok in both.
  • Now install redirection helper script from MIRROR LINK.
  • Whenever you visit any or or linkbucks,Linkshrink and adfly. Tamper Monkey will skip the waiting part, and directly take you to page.

Bypass Linkshrink and adfly Ad Page In Mobile (opera/uc

In Mozilla Firefox :

  • First Install Greasemonkey extension and restart Firefox.
  • After the completing the Greasemonkey installation, Add adsfight userscript from MIRROR Link.
  • Now install redirection manager userscript from MIRROR LINK.
  • Whenever you visit or or linkbucks, Linkshrink and adfly, you will skip the waiting part, and directly take you to the main page.

Above methods will help you to bypass linkshrink ads,adfly,linkbucks and adfly links in anywhere. If you have any questions and doubts related bypass shrink ads method, comment here.

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