Apple TV + and DISNEY + to be launched next month, NETFLIX and Amazon Prime will get a tough competition

new Delhi: OTT platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime are going to get a tough competition in the field of online streaming service. Next month, both Apple TV and Disney are going to land in this area. With the entry of these two players into the OTT service field, it is bound to increase competition, which can directly benefit the users.

Let us tell you that the service of Apple TV + is being launched in more than 100 countries on 1 November. Its monthly fee will be $ 4.99 i.e. around 350 rupees. Apple is spending a lot on the new content shown on its platform. He promises that he will have films and documentaries along with the best original shows on his platform.

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On November 11, Disney is also launching Disney +

Not only Apple, but Disney has also made preparations to increase the problems of Netflix. Disney is ready to launch on the OTT platform via Disney +. Disney + will launch on November 12 in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. The company will launch it worldwide later.

Disney is ready to bring a flood of popular movies to its online streaming service. On this platform, there will be many films of 'Star Wars' and Marvel Super Heroes.

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Let me tell you that when Netflix started about 12 years ago, it used to show the television content to the subscribers. But today he is well ahead of his two big rivals Amazon Prime and Hulu in the US. But now that two more big players, Apple and Disney, are stepping into this field, then it is definitely a danger bell for them.

Published: 29 Oct 2019 08:33 PM


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