Apartheid in cricket annoys Windies captain, demands severe punishment for accused

West Indies captain Jason Holder is also angry over the issue of apartheid in cricket. He has demanded punishment for this. Before 28-year holder, two former West Indies captain Darren Sammy and Chris Gayle have raised their voices against apartheid. Former Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed has been banned for four matches due to apartheid. He made a comment against South Africa all-rounder Andile Fehlukwayo.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Holder said, “I don't think the penalty for doping and corruption should be different from apartheid.” If we see such issues in our game, then that too should be dealt with in a similar way. ”Violating the rules thrice under the International Cricket Council (ICC) anti-racist code can lead to a life ban on a player. Earlier this month Sammy and Gayle said they had experienced racist comments. Both supported the Black Lives Matters campaign.

For the first mistake made by a player, he can be banned for four Tests or eight limited-overs matches. Holder said, “Teams should be made aware of apartheid issues before the start of any series. Apart from being an anti-doping briefing and anti-corruption briefing, we have to tell everyone about it before starting a series. More and more information should be conveyed to the people about this. “

However, Holder said, “I have not yet experienced any apartheid remarks.” But it is definitely seen and heard around. This is something you cannot stand for. “England and the West Indies will perform together against apartheid before the three-Test series starting next month. Recently in many football matches, players are doing this before the match starts. They kneel on their knees and raise one hand upwards.

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