All types of political advertisements will be banned on Twitter, rules will be applicable from November 22

new Delhi: The social networking site Twitter has been bad news for political leaders and parties so far. Twitter is now going to ban any kind of political advertisement on its platform. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsi said, “Political advertising, including misleading videos and dissemination of misleading information, is increasing on a large scale. Such advertisements are very effective. It is okay for such an advertisement to be for business, but politics advertising is very risky. “It has been said from Twitter that after November 22, any political campaign will be banned. However, it has been said by Twitter that in this regard, detailed information will be given on 15 November.

However, after this decision of Twitter, many political parties and politicians are objecting to this. President Trump's election campaign manager Brad Pascal has also questioned Twitter's decision. He described it as an attempt to silence Trump and the Conservatives. At the same time, Trump's spokesperson, Joe Biden's spokesman, Bill Russo, has welcomed the decision. Bill Russo has said that this will strengthen democracy.

Disagree on Facebook's decision

Facebook had announced last month that the posts related to the leaders and their campaign would be almost free of control. Whereas this company had the opposite stance earlier. Facebook had previously banned paid political advertisements. People working in the company are not happy with this decision of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook workers are opposing Zuckerberg's policy of political advertising. In this context, more than 250 people have written to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He has said that politicians should not be allowed to tell the lies they want.

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Published: 31 Oct 2019 07:21 AM


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