Akshara Singh Victim of Groupism in bhojpuri industry said Conspiracy against me unitedly

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, the debate of nepotism is in full swing in the Bhojpuri industry from Bollywood. Meanwhile, Bhojpuri's famous actress Akshara Singh has also shared a video about nepotism in which she is seen saying her objection. Akshara Singh has said that nepotism is everywhere. From Bollywood to Bhojpuri industry. But instead of nepotism in Bhojpuri industry, groupism is enough here.

Akshara Singh said that everyone in the Bhojpuri industry is a victim of camp. But I have been the biggest victim. Akshara Singh said that in the early days of her career, when she worked with one actor, people from other camps did not give them work. They used to say that she is the heroine of that group. In the same way, when he worked with another actor, he would not give the next job. And I used to get very upset about this.

Akshara Singh said that there was a conspiracy against me in this industry. Today the actresses who are speaking openly on nepotism did not support me at that time. Akshara Singh further said that there was a time when all the doors in the industry had closed for them. When I started removing songs, nobody was ready to release.

Akshara Singh said that there was a call from the music company about Sawan's song to send the song tomorrow. But when I completed and mailed that song and made more than 10 calls, I got to hear from there that there was pressure on me not to release your songs. Akshara says that she was surprised to hear this. Many of my songs were not allowed to be released like this.

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