AICF Secretary Chauhan lashed out at Raja faction after resignation of Chief Selector

All India Chess Federation (AICF) Secretary Bharat Singh Chauhan retaliated on the allegations of the PR Venkatarama Raja faction of holding him responsible for the resignation of Chief Selector RB Ramesh and appealed to the Grandmaster to clarify the situation as well.
Grandmaster Ramesh resigned from the post of chief selector of AICF on Tuesday accusing the officials of the opposing factions of interference. After this, the Raja faction accused Chauhan of instigating Ramesh.

“I am surprised to see a news release issued by Vijay Deshpande on behalf of PVR Raja, stating that I encouraged one of my selectors, Grandmaster RB Ramesh, to resign,” Chauhan said in a press release issued here. “

He said, “This is another attempt by Deshpande and Raja to despise propaganda. I do not know when they will get away with it. I urge Ramesh to clarify in public that it is correct or incorrect. “

Former Commonwealth chess champion Ramesh had said that it was difficult to remain in the head of the selection panel due to the team's constant interference in selection issues and confusion by federation officials. Chauhan said, “Ramesh resigned not because of me but because Deshpande sent a parallel team that did not meet the criteria.” The Raja and Chauhan factions have had differences on various issues for a long time.

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