After Sachin, Kumble-Jadeja was ahead in the captain's race, know how Ganguly got the command

The current chairman of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Sourav Ganguly, was called the all-time best captain of Team India. It is said that under the captaincy of Ganguly, the Indian team started winning overseas and defeated the big teams. The youth got a chance in the team under the captaincy of Ganguly. It is not that he got the command of the team easily. Anil Kumble and Ajay Jadeja were ahead in this race after the resignation of Sachin Tendulkar. Suddenly Ganguly's name surfaced and he was the captain. This was explained in detail by the then selector and Chief of Indian Cricketers Association, Ashok Malhotra.

“It was very difficult to select Ganguly for the post of vice-captain,” Ashok Malhotra said on Facebook Live with SportsKeeda. I remember we picked him in Kolkata. Ch had said at the time that Ganguly drinks too much coke. He takes singles, not double. To this I said that thumpsup does not disqualify them to become vice-captains. After this we had a very long talk. After much discussion, a 3-2 decision was taken in favor of Sourav Ganguly. “

He continued, “The Board President came there during the selection process itself. I will not name them. He asked to think again. This had not happened till then in Indian cricket history. The Chairman did not interfere in the selection process. Two of us selectors were up to their decision, but one of the selectors said that if the president has said, I will go with him. So we did not want to make him vice-captain. At that time Ganguly was not made the vice-captain, but later he became the captain. I know that he is a great captain. But we also have a small role in making him captain and vice-captain. “

We did not know at that time that Ganguly would become the captain, because Tendulkar was the captain. When Sachin resigned, we handed over the leadership to Ganguly. Because Anil Kumble and Ajay Jadeja were also in line. I had to work more at that time. “Team India won the 2–1 Test series against Australia under the leadership of Ganguly. He broke the 16-match winning streak of the Kangaroo team. Later captured the NatWest Series in England and reached the final of the 2003 World Cup. Won Test and ODI series in Pakistan and drew Test series in England.

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