8 gold medal winning athletes forced to sell vegetable; Pleaded for help on twitter

Geeta Kumari, an athlete from Jharkhand, has been forced to sell vegetables in the streets of Ramgarh district due to financial problems. People came forward to help when their loved ones shared the picture on social media about the situation of Geeta. It was through Twitter that state CM Hemant Soren came to know about Geeta's troubles. He then ordered Geeta's help. Many other people are also asking for Geeta's account number. Many are asking Geeta's home address to help.

Following Soren's order, Geeta was helped to get a monthly stipend of Rs 50,000 from the Ramgarh district administration and Rs 3,000 to pursue an athletics career. Soren came to know that Geeta is forced to sell roadside vegetables due to financial problems. After this, he ordered the Deputy Commissioner of Ramgarh to help Geeta financially, so that she could pursue her athletics career.

After this, Ramgarh Deputy Commissioner (DC) Sandeep Singh gave a check of Rs 50,000 to Geeta. He also announced a monthly stipend of Rs 3,000 to Geeta. Wishing the athlete success in the sports world, the Deputy Commissioner said, “Ramgarh has many players who are capable of achieving success for the country. The administration will ensure that they get support. ”

Many people have been seeking help for Geeta for the past one week. At the same time, they are appealing to the ministers to fulfill their responsibilities properly. Geeta has won 8 gold medals at the state level. Apart from this, he has won all the medals at the college level too. In one video, Geeta says that “My financial situation has always been bad, but since the lockdown has happened, the situation has become worse.”

Geeta's cousin Dhananjay Prajapati said, “She is a BA file student at Anand College in Hazaribagh district. His family is financially weak. Now he is happy with the help of the administration. ” Please tell that Geeta has won eight gold medals in state level competitions. He won a silver medal and a bronze medal in competitions held in Kolkata.

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