4 occasions when 'Captain Cool' got angry, umpire showed finger in international match

Former Team India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni turned 39 on 7 July. He has been away from professional cricket for the last one year. As such, Dhoni is more famous for being calm and cool on the field. But, he has also been seen losing his temper at times on the cricket field. Last year itself, Dhoni went from the dressing room to the middle ground during an IPL match and started arguing with the umpire. This proved to be the biggest controversy in Dhoni's career. Although he was not banned, his fans also did not like it. We are telling you here 4 such occasions when Dhoni got angry.

First chance: A match was being played between India and Australia at the Brisbane ground in 2011-12. Michael Hussey was batting and Suresh Raina bowled. Hussey missed playing Raina and was stumped by Mahi. Third umpire called out. The real controversy started from here. Despite being handed out by the third umpire, the on-field umpire called Hussey not out and prevented Hussey from going to the pavilion. Dhoni got angry on this. They crowded from the umpire. Then the famous umpire Billy Bowden explained to him and settled the matter.

Second Chance: India had a one-day match between Bangladesh and Mirpur in 2015. By 25 overs India had lost 4 wickets. Mustafizur came for bowling in the 25th over. On the second ball of the over, Dhoni ran for a run and hit Mustafizur. He elbowed the angry Bangladeshi bowler. Then told the umpire that the bowler got in his way. Mustafizur had earlier come in the way of Indian players several times during the match. Mahi was angry with this. Mustafizur had to leave the field due to collision with Dhoni.

Third chance: In 2010, Chennai Super Kings competed with Kings XI Punjab at Dharamsala ground. CSK needed a win to make it to the playoffs. Punjab gave a target of 192 runs. Dhoni came to bat when Chennai were to score 9 runs per over. Had to score 29 runs in 2 overs. The last over required 16 runs. Irfan Pathan came for bowling. The pitch was broken. This seemed to help the bowler. Dhoni fours on the first ball, two runs on the second ball and then a six on the third and fourth ball. Dhoni had scored 54 runs off 29 balls. After winning the match they were celebrating in such an angry manner that they would fight Pathan. Dhoni was not seen so angry before IPL.

Fourth Chance: In the last season of IPL, CSK faced Rajasthan Royals at home ground. Ben Stokes came in to bowl in the last over. In front was Michelle Santner. He scored two runs off the fourth ball. The head umpire called the ball a no-ball, being above the waist. The decision was then withdrawn when there was no response from the leg umpire. Dhoni got angry on this. He rushed straight from the dugout to the umpire. The ground debate between the umpires and Dhoni was fiercely debated, yet the decision was not changed. Dhoni walked out of the ground. Dhoni was fined 50 percent of the match fee for violation of the code of conduct.

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