How to Hide others from your browsing history

By | January 3, 2018

We all use the net in either office or cyber cafe. Whenever you use a device other than your PC, a tension often stays that no one should see our search history or downloads, even if your privacy is your right. By the way, people often delete the search history after browsing to get rid of this fear, but then the fear remains. After all, what can be the way to hide your browsing history? The way! And that’s the use of private Windows.

In fact, the option of Private Windows is available in Chrome, Mozilla or Internet Explorer, all the web pages. With the help of this option, you can maintain your privacy even if someone else uses a laptop, mobile or desktop. Now if you do some very private work in the office or cyber cafe, then your risk of getting mail id and personal information hacking is almost impossible.

The Private Browsing option is available in Google Chrome by the name of the incognito mode, in the name of the new Private Windows in Mozilla browser and in the name of Input Browsing in Internet Explorer. The biggest advantage of this option is that Internet service operators can not track your browsing history. Even in mobile, there is a Private Browsing option available in Chrome and Mozilla Browser settings.

How Private Windows works?

With private browsing off the browser, all your browsing history is deleted. The browser does not have any information related to your browsing. Not only this, the download file’s history also gets deleted from the browser. The only thing to note is that if you have downloaded a file, then it will be on the computer itself.

In this case, the download file will also have to be deleted from the computer by closing the private browsing. Let’s know how to enable private mode in all three browsers or how to hide your browsing history:

Private mode means that in incognito mode such as in Chrome Open: Click Settings> New Incognito Windows and click

Private mode ie New Private Windows in Mozilla Open: Click Settings> New Private Windows and click

Private mode, ie Input Browsing, in Internet Explorer, click Open: Settings > Safety > Input Browsing.

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