Do you know about these Whatsapp New Features?

By | March 16, 2018

Whatsapp is fast launching its new service and features. For the past 6 months, this popular messaging app is fast upgrading its features. Now Whatsapp is bringing another unique feature for its users, which will definitely be liked by the people.

The popular messaging app, Whatsapp, launched the ‘Delete for Everywhere’ feature a few months ago. Through this feature, WhatsApp users can delete a message sent by mistake. In the beginning, the user had only seven minutes to delete a sent message. However, recently the company increased this limit to 4,096 seconds (one hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds). This new time update was first seen by the Android Beta version and was expected to roll out on its iOS version.

The Twitter account WaBetaInfo, which now tracks the changes in Whatsapp Beta Build, has informed that the company has released a new time update for the iOS user. WaBetaInfo wrote, ‘There is a new update of Whatsapp IOS (2.18.31) at the App Store. This update is for bug fixes, but the time limit for the ‘Delete for everyone’ feature has been increased to 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds.
This means that now the iOS user will also be able to delete any unsolicited messages sent within an hour. It works in both the feature group and individual chat.

Be sure to know about these Whatsapp New Features.

Delete for Everyone: Work Features

To delete a message, the user has to select the message that is to be deleted. Now there will be alternatives like Star, Reply, Copy, Forward, Information and Delete in the top bar in the chat window. You can choose one of the options for Deletion for Everyone or Delete for Yourself. Once the message is deleted, the receiver gets written ‘This message was deleted’ and the sender will see ‘You deleted this message’.
Recently the news came that some users were misusing the increased timeline of the feature ‘Delete for everyone’. The company saw that some users are using the modified version of the app and are deleting the 3-year old message. To prevent this, WhatsAppAppe released a new feature called ‘Block Revoke Request’, which will stop the misuse of the ‘Delete for Everywhere’ feature.

Prevent Spam Posts

Whatsapp is working on a new feature to prevent spam posts being circulating in large numbers on your platform. In this feature, if spam post is forwarded by any other group or member of the same group, then it will appear as ‘forwarded message’.
If spammers forward such messages to a large number in a group, then every post will see ‘forwarded message’ written above it. This feature has been viewed by, which follows the 2.18.67 version of WhatsApp’s Google Play beta program.
The website said, “Whatsapp is going to bring a new feature in which any message will be sent to any message, then the message ‘forwarded message’ will appear in front of it. A bubble will appear in front of the message. ‘ Whenever the message will be forwarded at times you will see the bubble in front of him.

These messages may contain unwanted advertisements, fake news, and more such messages tell you to send this message to your contacts. Now Whatsapp does not block any message unless it is sent more than 25 times.

Whatsapp is also considering adding features for forwarding stickers to other chats that will be made available on WhatsApp apps in the future. Both of these features are currently being worked out and can be made available in the next update of Whatsapp.


Whatsapp Group: Not Just Names, More Information About Every Member

The Whatsapp Group is a place where you can talk to many people at once. Keeping this in mind, the company has released the Group Description feature. With the new feature, users can write up to 500 characters for a member of the group.
Group video call: Video call with 4 people at once
The Messaging App has released the group video calling feature to further enhance the video calling experience in WhatsApp apps. During a video call, users can tap on the icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Add Location and Time Stickers

Now you can add WhatsApp Location User Location and Time Stickers when sharing a picture or video. Users must simply select a photo from the smartphone’s gallery and then click on the smiley icon in the app. Features like Smileys, Time Stamps, and Location Stamps will be displayed. Tap on the sticker and share the video or photo with friends.

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Live location sharing feature

Whatsapp last year gave live location sharing feature, through which users can share real-time location with their contacts. To share live location, users simply have to tap on the ‘Location’ tab in the ‘Attach’ icon. You can share your live location by tapping on ‘Share Live Location’ here. Individual and group chat can share live location in both.

Voice-to-video call switch

In the Whatsapp app, users can now switch to video calls during a voice call. Users have been given a new button, which can be switched from voice to video call. However, in order to begin a video call, the front user will also have to give permission.

Whatsapp Business App

The Whatsapp Business App was rollout in India this year too. The businessman and client can easily chat through the app. The company claims that the app is also verifying the business profile and features such as Quick Reply, Greeting Message and Away Message are also being provided.

Whatsapp Payments feature.

Whatsapp finally released the payouts feature for Android and iOS users. Facebook’s proprietary Whatsapp appetite payment feature is powered by a user so that users can easily make money transactions. According to the company, both the sender and the receiver should have the UPI payment option to enable this feature. For this, the company has partnered with several banks including ICICI, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, SBI, Yes Bank.

If you have an option for payouts, then the job will definitely be easier. Private banks can offer payment through Whatsapp. The first name is Axis Bank. Axis Bank has called UPI (Unified Payment Interface) a big opportunity. Axis is the largest private sector bank.

Giving this information, Executive Director of Axis Bank said, “We are ahead in the UPI market in terms of new search. UPI is a big opportunity and it will give a lot of work to our customers to provide better facilities to other banks’ customers. Giving this information, Executive Director of Axis Bank said, “We are ahead in the UPI market in terms of new search. UPI is a big opportunity and it will give a lot of work to our customers to provide better facilities to other banks’ customers.

Anand said, “We are in touch with companies like Google, Whatsapp, Uber, Ola and Samsung Pay to create a payment service environment for customers.” Regarding the launch of this facility, Anand said that this service is already available on Google Television and will be on the WhatsApp App soon.

Anand said, “Whatsapp is still running the beta version. It is estimated that the full version will come in the next one-two months. ‘ Anand said that at the end of the third quarter of the current financial year, 66 percent of the bank’s transactions are being made through the digital medium. The size of mobile banking has increased to Rs 51,030 crore.

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New Features of Whatsapp App to Save Spam Posts

This new Whatsapp feature is designed for group chat users and is named as ‘Group Description’. As the name suggests, this feature lets users write up to 500 characters for members of a group. According to the reports, writing a comment for the group will not be confined to the admin only, but any member can write it. It will be visible only to those members of the description group who can write it, others will not see it. Once you write a comment, there will also be a notification on the group chat that the person has changed the group’s diversification. If you remove the declaration, there will be a notification in the group chat about this.

This feature has just been seen on beta version 2.18.54 of Whatsapp and later on Windows Phone’s Whatsapp beta version 2.18.28. This feature can be released soon for users of the beta version of iOS soon. Meanwhile, Whatsapp is going to launch its biggest feature payouts option after ‘Delete for Everyone’. This feature has just been released for Android and iOS select users.

It is based on the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and for this, both the payment receiver and the sender should have the UPA Payment Option. For this, WhatsApp has entered into an agreement with many big banks in the country including ICICI, HDFC, Axis, SBI, Yes Bank. Once this feature comes up, WhatsAppSpeak will directly compete with Digital Transaction apps like PetiM and Google Teaser.

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