Your smartphone is hanging, adopt these ways

By | March 14, 2018

The phone is new or old, late-in-the-morning everyone has to face the problem of phone hanging, but by adopting these methods you can get rid of this problem:
Today’s smartphone is of the time, but this smartphone is stuck all the smartness when it starts hanging at minute-minutes and the application is not installed. Actually, this is done by filling memory of such a smartphone. The phone is new or old, late and late everybody has to face this problem, but by adopting

Try these methods, you can get rid of the Hang problem:

Delete cache data to increase memory space

Cache memory is also called CPU memory. Unwanted data is installed in the phone’s cache memory whenever you use a smartphone. Your phone raises cache data with browsers, applications and games from many other places, so if the cache data is reduced, then a lot of memory space will be available. To delete the cache data, go to the settings and delete the cache data from the storage.

Move and install the application on the memory card

If there are more applications in the phone, then some applications can move to the memory card. Not only this, if your phone’s internal memory is low, then the game and application can be installed directly on the memory card. The option to move to the memory card will be seen in the application manager by going to the settings of the phone.

Use memory card for storage

Although you should use the memory card to store photos and videos from the beginning, if there are photos and video files in the internal memory of the phone, you can move them to the memory card. Not only this, if you put audio files in memory card then it would be better. The camera setting provides the option of storing photos and videos in a memory card.

Use cloud storage to save memory

The choice of cloud storage will be available to you in any smartphone The files and folders you use less, keep them in the cloud to save the phone’s memory. Cloud storage applications include Google Drive, One Drive, and Drops Box etc.

Use Factory Data Reset to Increase Internal Memory

Your smartphone has a factory reset option. This is the last way to increase the internal memory of the phone, but it is important to remember that before going to the factory data reset option, backup the important data of the phone, as after that all the data on your phone will be deleted. The factory reset will lose all the unmanaged data and the performance of your phone will be improved as before. Backup and reset option is only available in the phone’s setting. You can reset the factory by going there.

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