How to Chat on Whatsapp without sharing your number

By | March 14, 2018

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app in other countries of the world including India. With the help of Whatsapp, you can connect with your friends. Users can share photos, audio, and video with text in the app. With this, you can easily share any contact number of your location and phone book with anyone. But for all these features you have to share your number.

Whenever you are asked to make an account on WhatsApp, you have to give your mobile number. But we are going to tell you about the ways that you can chat with anyone without telling your real number. After adopting these methods, your number will appear but that will not be your real number.

Steps to Chat on Whatsapp without sharing your number

  • Install the Primo app by visiting the Google Play Store. After this, create an account on the app


  • You will have to enter your mobile number for sign up, after which you will get a verification number of 6 digits.


  • Verify your mobile number with the help of this verification code.


  • After Verification, you have to enter your name, username, and password with some information.


  • After signing in, e-mail verification will be mailed to your e-mail.


  • After signing in, go to your profile and click on the Primo US Phone Number option.


  • After this, you will get two options, purchase package, and free trial option. Click on the Free Trial Option.


  • After this whole process, you will get a US number.


  • Create a new account on WhatsApp from US number. Click on call me the option for account verification


  • You will get a new code via call. Please enter the code to verify your account.


  • Now you can create your account with any new name. No one will see your number on WhatsApp anymore.

On Google Play Store, you will find many more apps like Open in Whatsapp, Whats with OpenOpen By downloading these apps, you will be able to talk to any user and your number will not be visible.

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