Protect computer from Viruses, Download these Antivirus Software

By | March 14, 2018

At present, all our work is becoming digital. For every work, we need either a computing or a smartphone. From social media, online bank accounts to photos, videos, and documents, everything has become digital. So, if you have a virus in your system or your personal file is hacked, what will you do? Such any danger cannot be ruled out. In this way, we are going to tell you about the antivirus that the users have given a good review. This software will save your system not only from viruses but also hackers.

Here’s the point of note that you have to create an account for this software. Along with this, all these software are paid. One thing to note is that only one anti-virus software is downloaded at one time in your system. So the names of this software are known.

Avoid Offline Virus

Bitdefender-software sports widescreen, Mac, iOS, and Android. Downloading software does not affect PC speed, which is one of its features. You have to buy the software. The software is also offering 30-day Moneyback Trial.

Kaspersky-software sports widescreen, Mac, iOS, and Android. The software blocks the harmful file. Apart from this, it also protects the PC from online viruses. The software is also offering 30-day Moneyback Trial.

AVG-Antivirus reminds of old times. The software is quite reliable. These antiviruses sport Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. There are many features in this. Users can also root their PC with this antivirus. There is also a 30-day money back trial on this software.

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Avast-Antivirus runs quite smooth on the PC. There are many features in the software. From Quick Scan to Root Scan, you can use the features according to your needs. These antiviruses sport Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. On this software, the user will get 30-day Moneyback Trial.

Avoid Online Virus

On-line you will find many options where you can check the virus by pasting the direct link. You can try several options like and We are going to tell you VirusTotal about how to help you scan your files.

  • Copy the direct link to the file you want to download.


  • To copy the Direct link, right click on any download link. Here you will see the Copy link address option, click on it.


  • After copying the link, open a new tab on the web browser.


  • Go to the browser and type This is Google’s online tool for checking viruses.


  • You will see three options on the home page. It includes File, URL, Search options. If you want to scan a file, click on File option. If you want to check any link online, click on the Search option. We will click on the URL option here.


  • After clicking on the URL option, you will see a search bar, which will be called ‘Search or scan a URL’. Paste your link into this search bar and enter it.


  • When you have a virus, in one message you will tell all the viruses and viruses in the download link. But if there is no virus then a “No engines detected this URL” message will appear. This means there is no virus in your link, you can download it.

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