Special features of Android P

Google has recently launched Android P for developers. Before bringing this OS to the users, many features will be added to it now. What would be special in this operating system? We are going to tell you all that is different from the old OS. Special features of Android P On these smartphones can preview Android P can… Read More »

Do you know about these Whatsapp New Features?

Whatsapp is fast launching its new service and features. For the past 6 months, this popular messaging app is fast upgrading its features. Now Whatsapp is bringing another unique feature for its users, which will definitely be liked by the people. The popular messaging app, Whatsapp, launched the ‘Delete for Everywhere’ feature a few months ago. Through this… Read More »

Your smartphone is hanging, adopt these ways

The phone is new or old, late-in-the-morning everyone has to face the problem of phone hanging, but by adopting these methods you can get rid of this problem: Today’s smartphone is of the time, but this smartphone is stuck all the smartness when it starts hanging at minute-minutes and the application is not installed. Actually, this is done… Read More »

How to Chat on Whatsapp without sharing your number

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app in other countries of the world including India. With the help of Whatsapp, you can connect with your friends. Users can share photos, audio, and video with text in the app. With this, you can easily share any contact number of your location and phone book with anyone. But for all these… Read More »

Gorilla Glass: Why is it so strong and why this name, know everything

Before taking the smartphone, along with other specifications, nowadays all people pay attention to Gorilla Glass Protection to protect the display. This feature has become quite common now. Gorilla Glass keeps the phone’s screen safe. But do you know about some interesting facts related to this? Do you know there are many types of Gorilla Glass? In this… Read More »

How Bypass/Skip Adfly, Adfocus and Linkbucks,Shorte.st

Hyperlink shrink is Url shortener which pays to the owner by placing linkshrink url on their web site and blogs.However, You need to watch for about 5 seconds after which need to click on on the Skip Advert Button. Generally, These when You Click on On Skip This Advert It’s going to redirect to another Pages. If you’re… Read More »

How to Access any other smartphone on your phone’s screen

Remote desktop access on a PC means you could find out about accessing your self or one other pc somewhere. Now know the shortcut means, so that you could access some other person’s smartphone on your Android phone. That’s, in simply 10 seconds, it is possible for you to see all of the information together with some other smartphone display… Read More »